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Viruses and

What are Viruses?
Viruses are basically malicious programs that when launched attack your computer in various different ways as well as spread themselves and infect any computer on a network that lacks the proper protection. Opening infected email attachments or opening infected files downloaded from the Internet can release these viruses into your computer and any other unprotected computers on your network. They can even spread to computers of friends and colleagues who's email addresses are stored on your computer. Once released these viruses execute whatever payload they were designed to onto the infected computer or computers. Some virus' are designed to cripple certain functions of a computer. Sometimes they are designed to delete certain files or even the entire hard drive of a computer. Sometimes they can be used to spread Malware which is described below.

What is Malware?
In the last number of years its Malware that has become the more prevalent nuisance with users. The words spyware, and adware are sometimes used interchangeably with the word Malware. While Malware isn't really the same as a virus in the traditional sense as it usually isn't normally designed to replicate and spread itself to other computers on your network it can cause all sorts of major headaches on whatever computer it is on and getting infected with these things is quite easy actually. Easier in some cases than getting a traditional virus. Once it installs itself on your computer it can do various things. A very common occurrence is it will cause a fake antivirus or fake computer diagnostic program to appear and scare you into believing your computer is damaged or infected and then tell you that you will have to buy their product in order to fix the problem when in actuality its simply trying to get you to give out your credit card number. This is commonly known as a phishing. Along with that it can also disable your Internet access and other programs. Bottom line is you don't want these things on your computer.

Whatever their payloads, viruses and spyware/adware can do alot of damage so protecting yourself from them is very important. Susceptibility to these things is is so prevelant nowadays that many times even the best antivirus/antispyware software cannot prevent it. Still having these sort of programs protecting your computer will certainly severely reduce your chance of infection but not eliminate the chance completelyt. And if you have these programs but do not properly maintain them they will ultimately lose their ability to protect you at all. While both virus infections and spyware/adware infections can make the lives of home users miserable, if this occurs in a business environment, that can have catastrophic effects. The potential loss of data can be quite costly not to mention the costly downtime to your business while the damage from these infections is repaired.

How can Kidbrook help?
If you happen to get infected with either viruses or spyware/adware, removing them can be quite complicated and time consuming. We are experts at their removal and repairing the damage they may leave behind. And once we have you up and running again we will explain and then help you set up a good plan of protection to reduce the chances of it happening again.