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Residential Flat Rate Services:

Kidbrook now bills some residential services at a flat rate. Those services listed as flat rate cannot be billed by the hour. Any other services not listed under our the flat rate listing are billed at our residential hourly rate. Most of these services will be performed in your home although there are exceptions that require us to take your computer and then return it.

  • Virus/Malware Removal: $179 (Includes PC Tuneup. In some extreme cases this service may require Operating System Reinstall service. That service would supersede this one. You would not be billed for both services.)
  • PC Tuneup: $99 (Includes but cleaning out junk files and unneeded software, optimizing system for best performance and making sure antivirus is working properly.)
  • Operating System install/reinstall: $199 (Includes reinstall of operating system and all related updates and drivers onto customer existing hard drive. Operating system installation CD and/or related product license supplied by customer. If a new hard drive is required there will be additional parts cost. Due to time needed to perform reinstall operation this service usually requires machine being picked up and returned, usually within 4 days. Price includes returning and hooking machine back up and reinstalling printer if needed. Any additional work required once machine is returned and reconnected will be charged the onsite hourly rate or a flat rate depending on the task.)
  • Printer Setup: $79 (Price includes setting up printer on up to two computers. Set up to additional computers are $20 each.)

  • Memory/RAM Upgrade: $59 (If memory is supplied by Kidbrook then additional parts cost will be added.)
  • Data Recovery: $199 (In many but not in all cases we can recover data from your hard drive even if it is damaged. This depends on certain variables so its never a guarantee. If we are unsuccessful you do not pay. This service may or may not be performed onsite depending on circumstances)

Residential Hourly Rate: $75 per hour (This is for services not listed in Flat Rate Services. 1 hour minimum, then by the 1/2 hour.)


Cash and Checks always accepted.

For onsite work trip charges may apply for areas outside our normal coverage area. See coverage map below