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Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup
Computers are machines and are not infallible. Storing all your important documents only on your computer hard drive is not the safest choice. Documents that you cannot afford to lose should be backed up on some sort of backup media. With CD and DVD burners, external hard drives and online backup services so inexpensive these days there is no excuse not to back up and you are rolling the dice if you don't do it. Kidbrook can advise you on the best choice for a backup solution based on your particular situation, and can then set up and configure it for you.

Data Recovery
In most cases if you are diligently backing up, loss of important data is rare, but if important files are lost due to failure of your computers hard drive which can and does happen and you neglected to backup this data regularly the costs to you can be major, especially if you are a business. But imagine losing your entire library of pictures of your child growing up which has happened to many people who neglect to backup their personal files. Recreating those pictures is impossible and in most cases lost forever. While recovery of lost data is never a guarantee, depending on the situation Kidbrook Computer can handle most data loss situations at reasonable cost. Some data recovery situations require very expensive and advanced state of the art techniques that can only be performed by professional data recovery services. Kidbrook can advise you which route you will need to take based on your particular situation.